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The Sea Gardens

Fancy a day away from Sunny Beach? Why not try the Sea Gardens in Burgas.

The Seaside Park was built back in 1910 by the landscaper Georgi Duhtev who turned the bare windy space between the city and the sea into one of the most beautiful parks in Bulgaria. The park spreads over 600 acres and is more than 5 kilometres long. You will need a few hours if you want to walk around it.

From the park, you will be amazed by the beautiful view out to sea, the beautiful sandy beaches and the long pier which is open to the public. The beaches here are much quieter than in Sunny Beach and are a favorite amongst the local Bulgarians.

In the sea gardens, you will find a Summer Theatre which gathers thousands of visitors and locals throughout the summer season. Further on along the alleys, among the greeneries, past the sweet corn and ice cream stalls, you will find the domes of the Flora, famous for its annual international flower show.

When you feel like having a bite you can head down to the promenade. It hosts numerous pubs, small and large, which will offer you all kinds of treats, prepared according to old Burgas recipes.

Besides a nice walk, numerous little relaxation areas, an outdoor gym, and many restaurants, the Sea Gardens can also offer you entertainment which attracts a worldwide audience every year. These include “Burgas and the Sea” Popular Song Contest, the International Folklore Festival, the sand sculptor festival, and many others.

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