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Jeravna The Traditional Bulgarian Village

Want to see a true Bulgarian village that is full of culture and witness how houses were many years ago? There is no better place than jeravna.

Jeravna is a small village in the eastern part of Stara Planina mountain. Now, Zheravna is declared an architectural reserve because the many (over 200) perfectly preserved houses, streets, and buildings dating from the period of the Bulgarian Revival. Almost every house is declared a monument of culture.

Annually Zheravna attracts many tourists who remain fascinated by the preserved authentic Renaissance look of the village - narrow cobbled streets, one-and two-story wooden houses surrounded by stone walls, bars, restaurants, and shops. Some of the houses have been turned into museums. You can spend hours just walking around and admiring the early Bulgarian architecture and roads made by the Romans.

Among the sights of Jeravna is the stunning Church Saint Nicholay built in 1834 which is still operational. Inside the church, the walls are highly decorated with scenes from the Bible. For those of you interested in the cultural side of Bulgaria, this is a visit not to be missed. You can book this as a day trip via Seemore Travel.

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